Ermaksan Power Bend Pro PB-PRO 3100 - 135

Bending Length3100 mm
Bending Power135 Ton
Distance Between Columns2600 mm
Throat Depth410 mm
Table Size900 x 90 mm
Back-gauge Finger Blocks2
No. of Sheet Support2
Country of OriginEurope
3 Axes (R Manual) CNC Press Brake

Power-Bend Series machines redesigned based on users preferences to become a unique machine with its individual electronic and mechanical features. 


Power-Bend Pro Series are among the highest rated machines which will help you increase  your productivity and keep costs at minimum level with its user friendly CNC controller and low cost hydraulic maintenance.


New Power-Bend Pro is exactly what you need for your production where complicated, sensitive, single or multiple bends on high speed are paramount.


  • High quality and repetitive bending are obtained by using synchronized cylinders and valves. 
  • Automatic utilisation of all axes on startup.
  • All  ERMAKSAN  machines  are  designed  using  SOLID WORKS 3D programming and made with enhanced  ST44-1  quality  steel  using  the  latest  technology.
  • Rigid upper beam runs on 8-point bearings with bending precision of 0,01 mm.
  • Well-known top and bottom tool brands are long lasting hardened and provide precise bending.Silent high pressure pump
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