Max. X travels 750 mm
Max. Y travels 600 mm
Max. Z travels 520 mm
No. of Axis5
Max. table load 400 kg
Clamping Area 800 x 620 mm
Speed range18,000 rpm
Country of OriginGermany
Compact universal milling machine for 5-axis simultaneous machining

The DMU 50 /  70 are ushering in a new era for workshops, training, laboratories and tool,  fixture and mould making. These CNC universal milling machines are characterised by innovative mechanical engineering technology. Highlights such as digital drives in all axes and on the main spindle, rapid traverse up to 30 m/min, acceleration of 5 m/s² and motor spindles rated at up  to 18,000 rpm increase the dynamics of the DMU 50 and DMU 70. In addition to the rigid table which is supplied as standard, other table options are available which add two additional machining axes, such as a motorised swivelling rotary table with hydraulic clamping and a simultaneous table. The modern cross-slide design with its inherently stable ribbed cast-iron frame allows for noticeably more precision.


The latest control technology with ERGOline® Control with a 21.5″ multi-touch screen and  CELOS® guarantees maximum user-friendliness, precision and reliability. In the DMU 50 /  70,  DMG MORI is providing the ideal cost-effective entry into the world of 5-sided and even 5-axis  simultaneous machining

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