CNC Laser Cutting & Bending

Well equipped with metal processing machineries, our experienced team can provide CNC laser cutting and bending services for you. 


Benefits of laser cutting :

  • In comparison with punching, it gives a superior edge finish that requires little de-burring and finishing
  • Intricate details, etchings & markings are all possible
  • Lasers can cut complex shapes without the need for tooling
  • Speed is comparable or faster than other profile cutting methods.

At GD Precision, we have these machineries to support all your needs

Laser Cut Machine ~ ERMAKSAN

Mild Steel – Up to 16mm thickness

Stainless Steel – up to 8mm thickness

Aluminum – up to 6mm thickness.

PPEC 135/30 Bending Machine ~ ERMAKSAN

Pressing Force – 135 ton

Working Length – 3100mm 

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